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SIMOGEAR reduction motor

Siemens' extensive range of gearmotors ensures that you can always find the high-quality products you need. The new SIMOGEAR gearmotor is highly flexible, compact in design, and highly adaptable. In addition, Siemens also provides servo gearmotors for the field of motion control.


SIMOGEAR – Siemens New Gear Motor

The SIMOGEAR product line is expanded through SIMOGEAR reluctance motors and SIMOGEAR KS input units. These innovative motor products demonstrate a new transmission system.

SIMOGEAR reluctance motor

The new SIMOGEAR synchronous reluctance drive system includes a SIMOGEAR standard gearbox, a SIMOTICS synchronous reluctance motor, and a SINAMICS inverter. Through this solution, Siemens combines the gearbox with the SIMOTICS series of reluctance motors, providing users with a completely new system, thereby expanding the SIMOGEAR reduction motor product line. By combining the above products, customers particularly benefit from energy efficiency levels comparable to IE4, with higher efficiency and lower losses compared to asynchronous motors, especially under partial loads. Due to its excellent thermal characteristics, this type of motor is very energy-saving, generates less heat, and has high operational reliability. Therefore, a high service factor can be achieved. This solution also has high dynamic performance due to the lower rotational inertia of the motor and the optimized control method. By inputting the motor code into the frequency converter, debugging can be carried out quickly and conveniently. Due to the constant torque speed characteristic up to the rated speed, there is no need to use an external fan. All components of the transmission system can work together ideally.

Compact structure

Siemens is expanding its SIMOGEAR product line to meet customer requirements and market standards for installation dimensions.

A shorter and more compact design and refined torque grading are standard features of SIMOGEAR gearboxes.

Combined with SIMOTICS reluctance motors and SINAMICS frequency converters, a new transmission system with excellent operational capabilities is deduced.


Overload capacity up to 200%.

This synchronous reluctance motor does not have permanent magnets, making it easier to repair and maintain compared to synchronous motors using permanent magnets.

SIMOGEAR reluctance motor significantly improves the reliability of the entire system under different environmental conditions.

energy conservation

The reluctance motor, gearbox, and frequency converter of this transmission system work in precise coordination with each other and have excellent functions.

The system has high dynamic performance due to its optimized control method and low rotational inertia.

The energy efficiency level of the SIMOGEAR reluctance motor exceeds IE4.

New Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drive System

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SIMOGEAR KS input unit

Siemens has further expanded its servo deceleration system product line by providing a new coupling input unit specifically designed for SIMOTICS servo motors, known as the SIMOGEAR KS input unit. This flexible solution can connect various types of SIMOGEAR gearboxes with finely graded SIMOTICS servo motors, with strong adaptability and compact structure. With this new solution, different types of gearboxes can be connected to various SIMOTICS servo motors, eliminating the need for a separate dedicated input unit for each motor, greatly simplifying processing. The advantages of this new input unit solution include: simple installation and disassembly, resulting in shorter downtime and lower costs; Inventory optimization; Due to a backlash free design, connections can be made without the need for standard flat keys, making them suitable for high-precision applications. This solution is particularly suitable for applications with strict requirements for accuracy, positioning, dynamics, compactness, and weight. Siemens' product line for the servo drive system market is expanding its advantages.


The KS input unit is the preferred solution for connecting to various servo motors with different performance ranges and price levels, suitable for standard motors up to mid to high-end motors.

Due to its compact structure and shorter design compared to the KQ input unit, the overall size of the entire product is reduced.

The KS input unit ensures a smooth running solution for high-precision servo applications.


Through the KS input unit, five types of SIMOTICS servo motors and four types of SIMOGEAR gearboxes can be combined.

Due to optimized spare parts inventory, further cost savings can be achieved, making this a flexible input unit that can be used with different servo motors.

This simple solution uses a KS input unit to assemble the gearbox and servo motor together, with an ideal matching frequency converter on the top, providing a very friendly installation method for the user.


The KS input unit provides a backlash free connection without the use of flat keys for precise positioning.

The motor can be quickly and easily installed on and removed from the gearbox, significantly reducing downtime and cost.

Due to the fact that various servo motors can be connected using only one input unit, the number of input units is reduced, making it easier for customers to use.

SIMOGEAR gearmotor KS input unit – significantly simplifies high-precision applications

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SIMOGEAR gearmotor installation is simple and flexible

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