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Reluctance reduction motors have high energy efficiency, especially under partial loads, where the motor efficiency is equivalent to IE4. Due to the use of synchronous reluctance solutions, this type of motor is extremely easy to repair and maintain; Even without an encoder, precise rotational speeds can be achieved, and very high long-term overloads can be achieved in the high rotational speed range. This synchronous magnetoresistance solution can be used in many applications, and its main technical advantages can be compared to standard asynchronous solutions. SIMOGEAR reluctance motors are particularly suitable for applications requiring high energy efficiency in conveying technology and general mechanical systems. Combined with suitable frequency converters, this product line has a wide range of uses. This system is typically used for roller, chain, and belt conveyors in airport baggage and cargo handling facilities. It is also suitable for use in warehouse and distribution logistics systems, as well as postal and packaging systems, and is commonly used in lifting devices, scissor lifts, and monorail conveyors, as well as roller, chain, belt, and sled conveyors used in the automotive industry.


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