SIMOTICS HV C Air-cooled motor


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Reliable, low vibration levels, and flexible deployment - with unique power density

SIMOTICS HV C air-cooled motor is a new type of ultra compact and extremely reliable ultra standard motor suitable for safe areas as well as hazardous areas (Zone 2, 21, 22) (covering Ex ec, Extb, Ex tc explosion-proof types). The real advantage of this motor is its revolutionary cooling concept, which is applicable to all air-cooled series models on this platform. The ingenious combination of heat sink cooling, cooling tube cooling, and internal cooling circuits. This model has a unique power density, and its power output is approximately 10 – 15% higher at the same center height, which you will benefit from. Adopting innovative and vibration optimized design concepts, it provides you with excellent application feasibility by reducing wiring costs, allowing you to flexibly integrate drive equipment into factories and systems. Using the optional SIMOTICS CONNECT 600 connection box, SIMOTICS HV C can be integrated into the digital SIDRIVE IQ platform, allowing you to leverage the benefits of digitization and subsequently optimize your drive system.



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